Thursday, November 12, 2009

The 3 Most Important Areas for Speakers To Focus Their Time and Money

Have you ever put together a marketing campaign or designed a new one sheet or promotional piece that was a total flop? Have you ever blown several hundred, or several thousand, dollars on an idea that just didn’t work? Our industry is full of ideas. Does this scenario sound familiar? You go to a speaker convention or workshop and you get an idea that inspires you. You come home and give it a try. It flops. So what’s the problem? You’re hitting fire before you get ready and take aim. During this content rich 60 minute call we're going to discuss the three most important areas a speaker can focus their time and money.

Here's what we covered on this call:

* How to evaluate your existing ideas
* The Wealthy Speaker Process: Ready, Aim, Fire!
* Action steps that must be completed in order for you to move forward and start building momentum.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Structure Long Term Training Programs in Corporate America

Most speakers focus on getting speaking jobs. While that is a good way to make a living, the opportunity to set up long term corporate contracts is an avenue that can provide you with a steady paycheck in between speaking engagements. learn how to double, triple or quadruple your income by landing corporate accounts and setting up long term training programs using YOUR material and topic. Roy Flores has been speaking at conventions, corporate retreats and events for over 20 years. Always landing long term corporate accounts after every speech, and he can show you how to do the same.

Here's what we covered on this call:

* Why Corporations are ideal clients
* Steps to get in front of Corporations
* How to turn your topic into a long term training program
* How to structure a proposal and a contract
* How one of my former students signed a 1 million dollar contract of one year
* Speak for FREE and still make money

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Maximizing Your Hireability NOW!

As a full-time speaker who spent a year booking other speakers for 160+ events, David Newman will show you how to build your business and increase your visibility, credibility, and hire-ability! Learn exactly what gets speakers hired - yes in this economy - using a dozen specific strategies from someone who booked speakers daily. You'll learn actionable steps you can take immediately to re-position, re-package, and re-focus your speaking business to attract dramatically more and better bookings AND recession-proof your programs, products, and platform.

Here's what we covered on this call:

- Over a dozen step-by-step strategies for increasing your magnetism, credibility, and marketability as an expert who speaks

- What meeting planners and executives really look for when making buying decisions

- How to rapidly make subtle changes in your own positioning, packaging, and performance to dramatically boost your business in ANY economy

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Speaking in the College Marketplace in This Economy

James Malinchak is called "The King of the College Speaking Market" and has taught numerous authors, trainers, coaches, consultants, and aspiring, beginning, and experienced speakers how to take their message to the college market and make a "TON of MONEY!"

Learn why the college market is so lucrative and why the opportunities are wide open. Colleges have large budgets for booking speakers, authors, trainers, coaches, and consultants, but the trick is knowing who the people are who have the money.

On this call we'll be discussing:

  • How to pitch to the right people who can book you for these lucrative speaking gigs
  • What topics are most in demand and why
  • Who the people are that you must contact to get booked as a college speaker
  • How to create marketing materials that will get you noticed and booked
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Building Your Expert Empire

Brendon Burchard is the author of Life’s Golden Ticket and Founder of Experts Academy, as well as a highly-acclaimed leadership speaker, seminar leader, and business consultant.

This September he will share the stage with the Dalai Lama and Sir Richard Branson (need I say more) to inspire others to have a new vision for creating simplicity and wealth. Brendon has mastered the skill of positioning himself as an expert and he's going to be sharing some of his best strategies with the SpeakerMatch Community.

Here's what we covered in this call:

- 7 things real experts do (that make them money)
- The 11 points of million-dollar positioning
- 5 secret wealth strategies that most experts fail to leverage
- How to improve your positioning, market like a master, and charge high fees right now

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Building Audience Trust: The Winning Strategy for Successful Speakers

Rachel DanielRachel Y. Daniel is founder and CEO of Synergy Marketing Strategy & Research, Inc. (Synergy). She is also an expert and scholar in the area of brand strategy and brand trust. Synergy is an award-winning firm specializing in strategic marketing, market research, social media applications, and brand strategy and architecture. The firm’s clients include Fortune 500 corporations, several mid-sized firms, nonprofits, government entities, and universities.

what we'll cover on the call:

  • Powerful strategies to build a trusted global brand like Oprah, Tony Robbins, Jack Welsh and others

  • Proven steps to build audience trust so that audiences keep coming back

  • Transforming mistrust into trust: Four core strategies to turn skeptics into believers…

We’ll also discuss:
Why trust is critical to your success… and why it can make, or break, your speaking practice and your business! That’s right… trust can make the difference between success and failure – and during this teleseminar on SpeakerMatch Radio you’ll learn how to build the trust you need to explode your brand!

Together, we’ll build on two major trust themes: a) trust in your external brand, creating a lasting connection to stakeholders (meeting planners, audiences, customers, clients, investors) all over the world; and b) trust in your brand “in the room,” creating a connection with your immediate audience.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Speakers, Earn an Extra $6,000 Over the Next 60 Days

The Shef has presented to almost 400,000 people from 58 different countries. He is considered one of the foremost experts on helping speakers and authors generate revenue very quickly. He has worked with Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, New York Times best selling authors, and countless speakers.

Here's what we'll be covering in this call:

  • 3 powerful strategies that make you irresistible to event planners
  • 21 groups that are always looking for speakers and how to get booked by them
  • How to create product to sell for thousands of dollars right away for less than $75
  • How one speaker turned a free talk into $37,298.00
  • 4 things every speaker must do to generate revenue in a soft economic climate

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Positioning Yourself For More Paid Speaking Engagements: 12 Essential Steps To Attract Your Ideal Customer

Mary McKayHaving booked over 2,200 paid speaking engagements since 1982, California booking strategist and speaker marketing specialist Mary McKay is going to give you the simple framework and sequential process she uses with high profile and emerging speakers to identify flaws in positioning which effect bookings. Pulling on her experience in booking well known speakers such as Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Mike Ferry and John Alston, Mary is going to be speaking from experience… giving the SpeakerMatch family the whole enchilada.

Here's what we'll be covering in this call:
12 Essential Steps in chronological order that you can use as a checklist to position yourself to attract your ideal clients including:

  • 2 primary reasons that speakers are booked for paid speaking engagements

  • Why you must have a specific USP in today’s market, how to create it, where and when to use it to your advantage

  • 9 critical elements that decision-makers want to see on your website

  • How to identify your target market (and maybe re-think it) as it relates to your signature speech—even if you think you already know it

  • Assignments you can begin today to enhance or re-purpose your positioning

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Building a Social Media Empire

Building a Social Media Empire - How to use the power of social media marketing to build a six-figure speaking enterprise

Social Media Marketing is the next generation of marketing. It's new, cutting-edge, and here to stay. And it's growing exponentially. Social Media Marketing done correctly can help you build your brand, book more speeches, and sell more products. During this one hour call, Johnny Campbell will discuss how you can connect the various social media applications together to create an income-producing social media enterprise.

On this call you'll learn…

* How to market your products/services with blogs
* How to use Facebook & Linkedin to make sales & find clients
* How to use Youtube to attract more clients and publicity
* How to use twitter and various twitter apps to promote your business

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fill Your Own Speaking Events: The Top 3 Secrets to Packing Your Own Workshops, Retreats & Seminars

Have you ever thought about hosting your own event? You get to be in control. You get to pick the date, time, theme and topic. You get to choose what tuition to charge. You even get to choose WHO you’d prefer to show up! Leading your own workshops, retreats and seminars is one of the smartest, most rewarding, most lucrative jobs on the planet! The tricky part is actually filling the event with a qualified audience!

"31 out of 32 speakers who try to launch their own workshop business fail within the first year.” And this is tragic! Why? Because the time for real leaders with REAL solutions to reach the people who are really suffering is NOW!

If YOU have the information, expertise, and courage to solve a piece of this millennium mayhem with your workshops and seminars, then listen to this call. Become a seminar leader by using Callan Rush's proven techniques!

On this call you'll learn…
  • The most cost-effective strategies to ‘get the word out’ about your next event
  • How most people 'miss the boat' when they try to market events via email
  • A proven, easy to follow, 3-step system guaranteed to help you THRIVE
  • 3 ‘M-Words’ you must know if you want to help a lot of people and make a lot of money

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Copywriting for Professional Speakers

Learn how to become the writer of your own professional destiny... quite literally! Bob Bly, professional copywriter, will share the techniques and strategies he has used to make it big in copywriting.

Use these skills to write copy to sell your own speaking services, as well as coaching, consulting, training, books, e-books, audio albums, DVDs, and other information products, both online and offline.

On this call you'll learn…

* What the most common mistake is that professional speakers make when
writing their own sales copy
* How you can write a headline that grabs your prospect's attention
* How you can differentiate yourself from all other speakers using copywriting
* What it takes to make a lot of money marketing your content online
* What you can do to add credibility to your marketing materials

Thursday, April 30, 2009

What Happens To My Speaking Business If the Economy Tanks?

The economy is sinking. Jobs are drying up. And 'solo-prenuer' speakers across the country are getting worried! How do you ENSURE YOU STAY PROFITABLE with your speaking business despite a major economic downturn?

Join marketing experts Justin Livingston and Callan Rush for a 60 minute teleseminar that could literally save your business!

Co-founders of highly successful Leader to Luminary Training, Justin and Callan have worked with some of the biggest names in the speaking industry ... advising them behind the scenes on everything from magnetizing more clients, to mesmerizing their audiences, to creating massive profits in the speaking business.

On this call you'll learn…

• What the current economic recession really means for you and your business
• The simplest strategy to' recession-proof' your speaking business immediately
• How to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your client base while most other speakers struggle
• How to ensure your First Time Clients become Life Time Clients
• The top 3 secrets to profiting as a speaker despite an economic recession

You'll leave the call with renewed inspiration, concrete confidence, and a tool box full of new strategies to help you get your important message into the lives of thousands of people quickly and easily.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Get Paid to Speak...Now!

What tops the thrill of getting your first invitation to speak? Your first check for speaking! How do you manifest that? Dr. Neen, international motivational speaker and author, will share quick ways for you to move from free to fee'd speaking, so you'll get those checks over and over and over again!

Listen to this interview if you want to know how to:

• Stop speaking without getting a check
• Stop wasting time talking at dead-end events
• Up-level your topic
• Remove self-doubt
• Identify the check writers
• Brand yourself
• Become sponsorable
• Leverage your networks
• Match your message to money
• And more! …

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Using Improv to Improve Your Speaking Career

Ever been confronted with the unexpected while presenting a keynote or workshop? Ever have a Q&A session go an unwanted direction? Ever have technical problems right on stage? So many surprises can pop up for even the most prepared speaker! That's why being able to improvise is such an important skill for professional speakers. But improv can do much more than buffer surprises, it can be used to improve your presentation all together!
Milo Shapiro of (business programs using improvisation) and (coaching and training in public speaking) will discuss the power of improvisation as a tool to better communication, both on a stage and in business in general. As discussed in his book, Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!, Milo will explain the power of improvisation and how it unintentionally led him to the more rehearsed world of professional speaking.

During this call, listeners will learn about:

• Making your program more interesting and relatable
• Speech structure
• Ways you might alienate your audience without meaning to
• Milo's trademarked Seven Variants of Vocal Variety™
• Tricks to pace yourself to end on time and make it look effortless
• Dealing with the plain old simple fear of speaking

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Boosting Your Credibility By Using TV and Radio

Learn the tricks of the trade from 25-year veteran broadcaster, Burke Allen. In this information-packed call, Burke will draw from his experience as a radio station manager and CEO of the Washington DC media and marketing consultancy, Allen Media Strategies, to answer many of your burning questions. Take the next step in your speaking career with Burke's proven tips.

Some of the valuable questions Burke will answer:

• Why should speakers try to get radio and TV interviews?
• What media outlets have Burke's clients appeared on?
• Who are some of the folks Burke has interviewed?
• What makes a good media guest?
• How can you get free media interviews?
• Why would the media want to interview you?
• How can you leverage media interviews into speaking engagements?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Q&A Event with Patricia Fripp - Special Event

Our previous call with Ms. Patricia Fripp, "How to UP Your Value in a DOWN Economy," received an overwhelming response. We received so many questions that we decided to revisit this hot topic.

During this special live event, Fripp answers email and phone questions on the spot. This is a content rich one hour special so get your notepad ready!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Speaking in the College Marketplace

Learn how you can add thousands in extra money to your speaking, writing, coaching, and consulting income by speaking at colleges.

James Malinchak is called "The King of the College Speaking Market" and has taught numerous authors, trainers, coaches, consultants, and aspiring, beginning, and experienced speakers how to take their message to the college market and make a "TON of MONEY!"

Learn why the college market is so lucrative and why the opportunities are wide open. Colleges have large budgets for booking speakers, authors, trainers, coaches, and consultants, but the trick is knowing who the people are who have the money.

On this call, you will learn:
# How to pitch to the right people who can book you for these lucrative speaking gigs
# What topics are most in demand and why
# Who the people are that you must contact to get booked as a college speaker
# How to create marketing materials that will get you noticed and booked

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Taking Your Presentation to the Next Level

It is no secret, corporate travel budgets are down, associations are predicting less attendees, and convention committees are asking speakers to cut their fees. What can ambitious speakers do? They can UP their value in a DOWN economy!

Patricia Fripp says, "We need to increase the effectiveness of our marketing and revisit the quality of our presentations." Being perceived as a dynamic, inspiring, and persuasive presenter is no longer a nice skill to have; it is a matter of business life and death!

This starts with your marketing and is magnified in your presentation. If you are a novice, intermediate, or even advanced business or professional presenter, you will benefit from this teleseminar. Patricia has a unique ability to demystify the process of what it takes to transform a good presentation into a GREAT one!

With Patricia, you will learn some often over-looked marketing philosophies and hear Fripp's Good to Great: 10 Little-Known Techniques to Transform Your Speech.

On this call, you will discover how to:

* Revisit your marketing with fresh eyes
* Identify do's and don'ts that ensure a successful presentation
* Adapt two comedy techniques that add retention
* Open and close with more impact
* Avoid the unconscious goof that will hurt your credibility
* Improve listener buy-in for your point of view
* Be remembered and repeated
* Be persuasive, clear, and concise
* Make your stories memorable
* Receive high caliber advice for a low investment

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Branding in a Tough Economy

Are there still solid opportunities out there for speakers? Yes, but only for those branded for today's economic reality. To get the inside scoop and ideas for your next move, Bryan will interview market strategist Vickie Sullivan. In her unique "here's the deal" style, this no-holds barred session will give you the "why behind the buy " in today's roller coaster times.

# Learn how to spot (and take advantage) of the hidden opportunities by learning the: State of the meetings industry: what the latest changes mean for speaker selections
# Three key changes in what buyers are looking for in 2009
# Two things that speakers need to get invited
# Three key brands that are getting immediate reactions now
# Two approaches that you can use tomorrow

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Being a HOT Radio Guest and/or Host of Your Own Mega Show!

If You Host Your Own Radio Show, Internet Show Or Podcast Series, This Teleseminar Is For You As You Will Discover The Secrets Of Greatness On The Air.

If You Want To Be A Sought After Guest On The Biggest Of The Big Shows, This Teleseminar Is For You As You Will Discover What Makes A Guest Amazing On The Air.

DAVID RUBEN IS A HEAVY HITTER PRODUCER: David Ruben is the Senior Executive of Programming for Talk Radio Network that has syndicated well known and successful radio personalities and shows including Laura Ingraham, Jerry Doyle, Rusty Humphries, Monica Crowley, Tammy Bruce, Michael Savage and more.

David Ruben developed 4 of the top 10 radio host in US Syndication. During this call, David will reveal the secrets to creating an internet radio show, AM, FM or Satellite Radio Show, or Podcast Series that captures the attention of the world and propels you to all new levels of notoriety and success.

- How an internet show radio host gets discovered by the networks
- What the steps are to making it big as a radio show host
- How to book the perfect guests that make your show sizzle
- How to avoid the low energy, lackluster guests that want to get booked
- How authors and experts break into these big time, heavy hitter radio shows
- What the general pet peeves of mega producers and major hosts are
- How producers and hosts spot an amateur guest that does not have the skill set to be a fabulous guest that drives the show forward
- Do the press materials give it away?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Top 5 Ways to Attract Corporate Sponsors

Have you ever thought about corporate sponsors for your business, book, charity, speaking or events? Would you like to do what you love and have a company foot the bill? Would you like to tap into the awesome power of corporate sponsors?

Linda Hollander, the Wealthy Bag Lady, can help you. Her corporate sponsors have included Fed Ex, Health Net, American Airlines, Bank of America, Staples, Citibank, Wal-Mart / Sam's Club, Smith Barney and IBM. America's most successful companies partner with sponsors. Why not you?