Thursday, April 30, 2009

What Happens To My Speaking Business If the Economy Tanks?

The economy is sinking. Jobs are drying up. And 'solo-prenuer' speakers across the country are getting worried! How do you ENSURE YOU STAY PROFITABLE with your speaking business despite a major economic downturn?

Join marketing experts Justin Livingston and Callan Rush for a 60 minute teleseminar that could literally save your business!

Co-founders of highly successful Leader to Luminary Training, Justin and Callan have worked with some of the biggest names in the speaking industry ... advising them behind the scenes on everything from magnetizing more clients, to mesmerizing their audiences, to creating massive profits in the speaking business.

On this call you'll learn…

• What the current economic recession really means for you and your business
• The simplest strategy to' recession-proof' your speaking business immediately
• How to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your client base while most other speakers struggle
• How to ensure your First Time Clients become Life Time Clients
• The top 3 secrets to profiting as a speaker despite an economic recession

You'll leave the call with renewed inspiration, concrete confidence, and a tool box full of new strategies to help you get your important message into the lives of thousands of people quickly and easily.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Get Paid to Speak...Now!

What tops the thrill of getting your first invitation to speak? Your first check for speaking! How do you manifest that? Dr. Neen, international motivational speaker and author, will share quick ways for you to move from free to fee'd speaking, so you'll get those checks over and over and over again!

Listen to this interview if you want to know how to:

• Stop speaking without getting a check
• Stop wasting time talking at dead-end events
• Up-level your topic
• Remove self-doubt
• Identify the check writers
• Brand yourself
• Become sponsorable
• Leverage your networks
• Match your message to money
• And more! …

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Using Improv to Improve Your Speaking Career

Ever been confronted with the unexpected while presenting a keynote or workshop? Ever have a Q&A session go an unwanted direction? Ever have technical problems right on stage? So many surprises can pop up for even the most prepared speaker! That's why being able to improvise is such an important skill for professional speakers. But improv can do much more than buffer surprises, it can be used to improve your presentation all together!
Milo Shapiro of (business programs using improvisation) and (coaching and training in public speaking) will discuss the power of improvisation as a tool to better communication, both on a stage and in business in general. As discussed in his book, Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!, Milo will explain the power of improvisation and how it unintentionally led him to the more rehearsed world of professional speaking.

During this call, listeners will learn about:

• Making your program more interesting and relatable
• Speech structure
• Ways you might alienate your audience without meaning to
• Milo's trademarked Seven Variants of Vocal Variety™
• Tricks to pace yourself to end on time and make it look effortless
• Dealing with the plain old simple fear of speaking