Friday, January 29, 2010

How to Get Free Media Exposure for Your Speaking Career

Have you ever dreamed of being seen and heard on TV and radio? Can you imagine what that kind of exposure would mean to you and your career as a speaker, both personally and professionally?

In this special edition of SpeakerMatch Radio, Bryan Caplovitz shows you how to generate national media exposure by the bucketful with special guest Burke Allen, CEO of Allen Media Strategies.

You may have heard Burke on the air in cities like Washington, DC, New York, Miami, Orlando or Las Vegas, read about him in Radio and Records or seen him on TV all over the U.S.

Burke shares with you how to achieve free media exposure for yourself and your speaking career.

Burke's Washington, DC based media, marketing and public relations firm specializes in helping speakers, authors and others get on the radio, TV and into print. His clients have appeared on The Today Show, CNN, Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor, in The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, and on dozens of local and national radio shows all across the USA including Washington Times Radio, NPR, G. Gordon Liddy, Jim Bohannon, Coast to Coast AM, America Tonight, Mancow, WABC, KGO and many more.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Top 5 Ways to Attract Corporate Sponsors in 2010

Would you like to tap into the awesome power of corporate sponsors? Linda Hollander, the Wealthy Bag Lady, can help you. Her corporate sponsors have included Fed Ex, Health Net, American Airlines, Bank of America, Staples, Citibank, Wal Mart / Sam's Club, Smith Barney and IBM. America's most successful companies partner with sponsors. Why not you?

Here's what we covered in today's call:

* How to attract sponsors
* The 3 biggest mistakes people make
* How to get to the decision makers
* Turning a "no" into an enthusiastic "yes"
* Creating winning proposals sponsors can't refuse
* Spotlighting your assets
* Know how much money to ask for (Don't sell yourself short)
* Getting your sponsors to renew again and again

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Speaking Trends for 2010 (and beyond)

Between the economy and AIG effect, 2009 was a roller coaster ride for the professional speaking industry. And 2010 is also slated to be a game-changer. Let’s get ready for the rebound with market strategist Vickie Sullivan, who will discuss what’s next in this volatile environment. Figure out your next move with this no holds barred interview with SpeakerMatch CEO Bryan Caplovitz.

Here's what we covered on this call:

* Two areas that won’t rebound with the economy – and two areas that will boom
* Three changes in speaker selections that will be around forever
* Two key advantages “unfamous” speakers have – and how to exploit those opportunities
* The worst thing you can do in 2010 and other common blunders
* What speakers need to do right now to take advantage of the upcoming rebound

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