Thursday, August 27, 2009

Building Audience Trust: The Winning Strategy for Successful Speakers

Rachel DanielRachel Y. Daniel is founder and CEO of Synergy Marketing Strategy & Research, Inc. (Synergy). She is also an expert and scholar in the area of brand strategy and brand trust. Synergy is an award-winning firm specializing in strategic marketing, market research, social media applications, and brand strategy and architecture. The firm’s clients include Fortune 500 corporations, several mid-sized firms, nonprofits, government entities, and universities.

what we'll cover on the call:

  • Powerful strategies to build a trusted global brand like Oprah, Tony Robbins, Jack Welsh and others

  • Proven steps to build audience trust so that audiences keep coming back

  • Transforming mistrust into trust: Four core strategies to turn skeptics into believers…

We’ll also discuss:
Why trust is critical to your success… and why it can make, or break, your speaking practice and your business! That’s right… trust can make the difference between success and failure – and during this teleseminar on SpeakerMatch Radio you’ll learn how to build the trust you need to explode your brand!

Together, we’ll build on two major trust themes: a) trust in your external brand, creating a lasting connection to stakeholders (meeting planners, audiences, customers, clients, investors) all over the world; and b) trust in your brand “in the room,” creating a connection with your immediate audience.