Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Using Improv to Improve Your Speaking Career

Ever been confronted with the unexpected while presenting a keynote or workshop? Ever have a Q&A session go an unwanted direction? Ever have technical problems right on stage? So many surprises can pop up for even the most prepared speaker! That's why being able to improvise is such an important skill for professional speakers. But improv can do much more than buffer surprises, it can be used to improve your presentation all together!
Milo Shapiro of IMPROVentures.com (business programs using improvisation) and PublicDynamics.com (coaching and training in public speaking) will discuss the power of improvisation as a tool to better communication, both on a stage and in business in general. As discussed in his book, Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!, Milo will explain the power of improvisation and how it unintentionally led him to the more rehearsed world of professional speaking.

During this call, listeners will learn about:

• Making your program more interesting and relatable
• Speech structure
• Ways you might alienate your audience without meaning to
• Milo's trademarked Seven Variants of Vocal Variety™
• Tricks to pace yourself to end on time and make it look effortless
• Dealing with the plain old simple fear of speaking