Thursday, February 19, 2015

Strategies for Off-Stage Social Media Engagement: Leveraging Your Professional Online Presence to Create a Win/Win with the Meeting Planner

This teleseminar with guest Melanie DePaoli looks at how you can give yourself the competitive advantage by incorporating off-stage engagement with attendees and help you make the meeting planner look good. We talk about:

  • Leveraging your professional online presence—to get attendees excited about you 
  • How to provide that personal connection with attendees through social media and in-person
  • How to turn your meeting planner into a superstar so you get more referrals
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Thursday, February 5, 2015

ShowBiz Blueprint: Costly Mistakes Speakers and Entertainers Make When Booking Their Act

There are common mistakes that speakers and entertainers make when trying to book gigs. In this teleseminar with guest Barry Friedman, we'll talk specifically about what slows down a career, one action you can (and should) take right now, and a few of the bigger mistakes that usually start with the best intentions in mind.

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