Thursday, August 6, 2009

Positioning Yourself For More Paid Speaking Engagements: 12 Essential Steps To Attract Your Ideal Customer

Mary McKayHaving booked over 2,200 paid speaking engagements since 1982, California booking strategist and speaker marketing specialist Mary McKay is going to give you the simple framework and sequential process she uses with high profile and emerging speakers to identify flaws in positioning which effect bookings. Pulling on her experience in booking well known speakers such as Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Mike Ferry and John Alston, Mary is going to be speaking from experience… giving the SpeakerMatch family the whole enchilada.

Here's what we'll be covering in this call:
12 Essential Steps in chronological order that you can use as a checklist to position yourself to attract your ideal clients including:

  • 2 primary reasons that speakers are booked for paid speaking engagements

  • Why you must have a specific USP in today’s market, how to create it, where and when to use it to your advantage

  • 9 critical elements that decision-makers want to see on your website

  • How to identify your target market (and maybe re-think it) as it relates to your signature speech—even if you think you already know it

  • Assignments you can begin today to enhance or re-purpose your positioning