Friday, May 13, 2011

How to Be a Paid Public Speaker: Learn the Secrets to Making a Solid Income as a Speaker Within Six Months

In this teleseminar, Fred, Bill, and Avish combine their 60+ combined years of experience as paid public speakers to share the real deal secrets on how to start and grow a speaking business. No theory. No fluff. Just lots of great, in-depth advice that attendees can apply immediately to accelerate their path towards being successful professional speakers.

What we discussed on the call:

  • Select a niche that they can begin marketing to and speaking for immediately
  • Get their first paid gig
  • Quickly create a product for sale or promotion
  • Make money from free speaking engagements
  • Use a simple structure to put together an engaging and effective presentation
  • Avoid the three biggest mistakes new speakers make
  • Combine the three qualities audiences most look for in a speaker to deliver dynamite speeches
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