Monday, May 24, 2010

Closing the Sale: Converting Your Audience into 6-Figure Clients

Unless you are one of the handful of speakers whose calendar is packed with $10K+ speaking gigs, creating a burgeoning bank account depends on the dollars you pull in after you leave the stage. The fact is you can convert your audience into high-paying clients, each of which is worth dozens of speaking opportunities (with a fraction of the wear and tear). Better yet, this is available to all speakers, no matter how experienced, and all professional service providers, regardless of the size of their current projects. Our upcoming tele-seminar, Closing the Sale: Converting Your Audience into 6-Figure Clients, will arm you with the successful methods for leveraging speaking gigs into lucrative projects. This session reveals how to make 100 times as much money off the stage as on it.

What You Will Learn:

  • What you must do before, during, and after your speaking gigs to capture high-paying clients
  • The secret ingredient which transforms you from "interesting speaker" to "must-have service provider."
  • The difference between stories audiences enjoy and stories that win business.
  • How to have audience members clamoring to give you their contact information after the speech.
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